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Improving home energy star ratings


NatHERS Thermal Performance Assessments and BASIX Certificates for New Single Dwelling, Dual Occupancy or Town House Developments.

  • These assessments are based on the architectural plans and in most cases, a regular set of architectural plans are sufficient for us to undertake the assessment depending upon the level of detail provided.
  • When you are ready to proceed, please contact us for a fee proposal with copy of the architectural plans.
  • We will undertake an initial review of the plans and respond with a fee proposal within one working day based on the size and complexity of the development. We may also ask for additional information after the initial review. This is in your best interests because in the absence of relevant information, then worst case scenarios are required to be modelled which may adversely affect your rating outcome.
  • On formal acceptance of the fee proposal, we will get the assessment work underway.
  • Our turnaround is normally one week for individual houses depending upon current workload and complexity of the design. Rush jobs are available for an additional investment – please contact us if you need a priority turnaround to meet a certain deadline.
  •  Ask for our Checklist of detailed requirements.

NatHERS Thermal Performance Assessments of Existing Dwellings in the Sydney basin.

  • These assessments require an on-site inspection and measure in order to be able to undertake an assessment of the Thermal Performance of existing dwellings and arrive at its energy star rating.
  • Please contact us when you are ready to proceed and we will respond same day with a fee proposal for the work based on Google map check of property and travel time involved.
  • On formal acceptance, our Energy Assessment Questionnaire will be provided for your completion. Part payment of the fee is required at time of site visit with remainder due prior delivery of star rating and detailed report on cost effective ways to improve the running costs of the dwelling.
  • Our turnaround is normally 10 working days.

NatHERS and BASIX Compliance Inspections and Compliance Certificates for Occupation Certificate of developments within the Sydney basin.

  • On -site compliance inspections will be necessary at certain stages during construction.
  • In order for us to provide a fee proposal, we will require copy of the NatHERS and BASIX Certificates and the Stamped Approval Plans.
  • The inspection requirements will vary with each development. We will prepare a tailored fee proposal based on the number of compliance inspections required and the travel time involved.
  • On formal acceptance of the fee proposal, upfront payment will be required (similar to the principal Certifying Authority).
  • Generally, we would anticipate on-site compliance inspections being required as follows:
    • Prior to pouring of in-situ reinforced concrete slab.
    • Prior to covering of the framework for any walls (and ceiling if roof cavity access is not available).
    • On completion of building works.
  • Following final inspection, NatHERS and BASIX Compliance Certificates issued to the client and relevant approving authorities.