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Improving home energy star ratings


  • NatHERS Thermal Performance Assessments and BASIX Certificates for new single dwelling, dual occupancy or town house developments required for your building permit (in NSW this is mandatory for new residential developments of 300m2 and above). These assessments are based on the architectural plans and include NatHERS Certifications.
  • NatHERS Thermal Performance Assessments of existing homes in the sydney basin including home energy star rating. An on-site inspection and measure are required to evaluate the performance of the existing homes in order to arrive at the home energy star rating. This star rating is then checked against the actual energy usage (from energy bills of the dwelling) and advice provided of cost effective ways to improve the running cost of the home.
  • During the concept design stage provide advice to improve energy efficiency of the design from the outset.
  • During construction within the Sydney basin, BASIX and NatHERS compliance stage inspections and final compliance certificate for Occupation Certificate.